I was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in the western suburb of Downers Grove.  I graduated from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois in 1969.  I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education, certified K-12, with areas of concentration in ceramics, printmaking, and fiber. I also completed three years of intensive study at the Cleveland Institute of Art, as a student in the Ceramics program


I have been a studio potter for over 30 years, working in a variety of clays, techniques, and firing methods.  I am currently working in earthenware and stoneware clay bodies. Hand building the whimsical sculptural pieces,   my work is glaze fired in an oxidation atmosphere at cone 04 using a combination of textural, crusty glazes, contrasting with smooth, dripping glazes, and terra sigillata.  My most recent work is functional, wheel thrown and altered cone 6 stoneware, featuring small images on a background of soft colored glaze.


For the past fifteen years, my studio (TerraVista Studios) has been in an old warehouse in the Cleveland Arts Quarter (a newly named arts area of downtown Cleveland.)  I exhibit and sell my work through numerous galleries and art fairs throughout the Midwest.


for more information, go to www.lynnelofton.com

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